Little Talks That Make a Big Difference: Emotional Safety - Teaching Empathy Institute
Teaching Empathy Institute works to establish emotionally and physically safe learning communities for elementary, middle and high school students and the adults who work with them. Working in the Hudson Valley of New York, TEI creates tailor-made programs designed to foster dialogue about social culture building while strengthening the capacity for the infusion of empathy and compassion into all aspects of the learning experience.
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Little Talks That Make a Big Difference: Emotional Safety

Often the idea of safety within a school conjures up images of single points of entry, nametags, sign-in desks and zero tolerance for fighting or other aggressive acts. These images focus solely upon physical safety.

In this episode of the Little Talks series, we examine how by meeting the emotional needs of our students, we are creating the blueprint for emotional safety. 

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Teaching Empathy Institute’s Little Talks that Make a Big Difference podcasts focus on meeting the social and emotional needs of  students, moving them toward healthy social decision-making and pro-social skills development.