Blueprints for Caring: Miracle questions - Teaching Empathy Institute
Teaching Empathy Institute works to establish emotionally and physically safe learning communities for elementary, middle and high school students and the adults who work with them. Working in the Hudson Valley of New York, TEI creates tailor-made programs designed to foster dialogue about social culture building while strengthening the capacity for the infusion of empathy and compassion into all aspects of the learning experience.
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Blueprints for Caring: Miracle questions

Miracle Questions

Reframing gives students a more optimistic and hopeful picture of their world after moderate problems like having a disagreement, doing poorly on a test, or feeling embarrassed in front of their peers.

Ask students to imagine that they are having a bad day or dealing with a difficult situation such as feeling embarrassed or having an argument or disagreement with a friend. Then suggest that the next time this happens, they can “reframe” their experience by answering the following questions;

  • What is going well right now?
  • How would you like to feel when you come to school?
  • Who could you count on in school to help you?

Ask students to discuss the meaning of the equation E + R = O

  • The event plus your response equals the outcome

 Point out:

  • This equation helps us focus on what we can control. We may not be able to control what happens or what others do, but we can try to respond in a new way that changes the total outcome of the event. By thinking in this way, we empower ourselves.